DC2000 #SL740

DC2000 #SL740

DC2000 Product No. SL740 LIMITED DELIVERY As SeaLife's most advanced underwater camera, the SeaLife DC2000 is designed for underwater photographers from beginner to advanced. The DC2000 offers "easy setup" automatic underwater scene modes to fully manual...

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DC2000 Pro 3000 Duo Set #SL749

DC2000 Pro 3000 Duo Set #SL749

DC2000 Pro 3000 Duo Set Product No. SL749 Sold Out The DC2000 Pro 3000 Duo is perfect for taking colourful underwater photos and HD video and is fully equipped with the DC2000 underwater camera, Sea Dragon 3000 Auto Lamp and Sea Dragon Flash. The versatile...

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DC2000 Pro 3000 Set #SL747

DC2000 Pro 3000 Set #SL747

DC2000 Pro 3000 Set Product No. SL747 Sold Out When paired with the new Sea Dragon 3000 Auto Light and the DC2000 underwater camera, the DC2000 Pro Light will capture vivid underwater colours that are typically muted and colorless. The sun-like Sea Dragon 3000...

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DC2000 Pro Flash Set #SL745

DC2000 Pro Flash Set #SL745

DC2000 Pro Flash Set Product No. SL745 Sold Out The compact and intuitive DC2000 Pro Flash is ideal for producing rich underwater colours and incorporates the Sea Dragon Flash together with the DC2000 camera, for pictures that burst with colour. With a large SONY® 1...

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Micro 3.0 Pro 3000 Set #SL552

Micro 3.0 Pro 3000 Set #SL552

Micro 3.0 Pro 3000 Set Product No. SL552 When you combine the powerful Sea Dragon 3000F Auto with the Micro 3.0 camera, you have created the perfect duo. The bright but also warm and colour-friendly Sea Dragon video light has a wide and even beam that can be...

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Reefmaster RM-4K #SL350

Reefmaster RM-4K #SL350

Reefmaster RM-4K Product No. SL350 The ultra-compact ReefMaster RM-4K goes anywhere and is ready to capture your diving adventure. The shape fits comfortably in your hand or fits easily on a photo/video light like the Sea Dragon 2000F. With a...

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Sealife SportDiver Smartphone behuizing #SL400-U

Sealife SportDiver Smartphone Housing #SL400-U

Sealife SportDiver
Product No. SL400-U

SeaLife SportDiver underwater housing for the Smartphone

With this SeaLife SportDiver housing you as a diver, snorkeler or swimmer take the most unique underwater photos and videos with your own Smartphone! At home in the pool in the backyard, on the beach or at the dive site on the dike. But certainly also at your holiday destination you capture the most beautiful images up to a depth of 40 meters.

Suitable for:
The SportDiver can be used in combination with various brands of Smartphones. It is best to check on the website whether your phone is compatible with the housing: https://www.sealife-cameras.com/sportdiver-compatibility/

The rugged housing is made of polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminium and optical grade glass. And although the SportDiver housing is "Heavy Duty", it is not heavy, weighing only 641 grams. It is lightweight for travelling and has an almost neutral buoyancy in water, depending on which model Smartphone is used.

The Smartphone as a creative photo camera:
The SportDiver is easy to hold and easy to use. It has a large shutter button and accessible control buttons on the back for easy operation even with dive gloves on. Creative snorkelers and divers can use the optional advanced settings of the camera app to take their photos or videos. Such as: zoom, exposure (EV), auto / manual focus, white balance, colour tint, lens selection, RAW + JPEG mode, live photo and background blur (on available Smartphone models).

No risk, double safety:
Safety for your phone above all! The SportDiver has a DOUBLE LEAK ALARM, including an internal moisture alarm and a vacuum pressure alarm, which warns you with an on-screen display, an audio signal and an LED signal in the unlikely event that the housing does show some form of leakage and moisture is detected in the housing or if there is a loss of pressure in the housing. The included vacuum pump is used to vacuum the housing. The built-in pressure gauge in the housing displays on the Smartphone screen to make sure that you bring the housing to the right vacuum. Then it's just a matter of waiting for the vacuum system to indicate that no pressure change has taken place and you know you can take the set underwater with you with confidence. The housing is sealed with a TPE O-ring and a robust cam-lock seal that easily and securely seals the waterproof door. To prevent the inside of the housing from fogging up due to humidity, it is recommended that you use the anti-fogging capsule "Moisture Muncher" to minimise humidity and prevent internal condensation as much as possible.

Free SportDiver App:
The SportDiver housing is used in conjunction with the free SeaLife SportDiver camera app. < App: SportDiver> (Unlike other smartphone-housing apps, there are no annoying in-app purchases or ads). You can easily switch between photo and video mode. The SportDiver app uses the Smartphone camera technology that comes with every Smartphone model. The app is available for both IOS and Android phones.

Photos and videos are immediately available:
The app play mode shows photos and videos in full size with a vertical thumbnail strip for easy scrolling through the images. Videos are played automatically when selected. All files are also stored on the camera roll. The SportDiver housing automatically connects to your Smartphone and the SportDiver app via Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) 5 wireless technology. No cables or buttons connect to the phone. The SportDiver has an extremely low power consumption for both the phone and the housing, which is powered by two AAA batteries that last more than 50 hours with continuous use.

Includes colour correction filter:
For better image results, in tropical blue waters, the SportDiver comes with an interchangeable colour correction filter that restores natural underwater colours. The filter can easily be attached or removed underwater and is equipped with a safety cord to prevent loss.

Optional external lighting:
The SportDiver housing has three 1/4-20 tripod mounts that can be mounted on any light or base plate with standard tripod threads, such as SeaLife's own series of Sea Dragon underwater photo/video lights. SeaLife also offers the combination SportDiver with Sea Dragon underwater lighting, the SL401 "SportDiver Pro 2500 Set".

Universal fit:
For the safety and protection of the phone, the SportDiver is equipped with a spring system and rubber grips that keep the Smartphone® firmly in place and offer protection against shocks. This also makes it possible to easily change the Smartphone model in the housing.

Item Description GMP
SL400-U SportDiver Underwater Housing for Smartphone € 349
SL401 SportDiver Pro 2500 Set with Sea Dragon 2500 underwater light € 799,-

Included with SeaLife SportDiver, Model SL400-U:
SportDiver underwater Smartphone case
Filter for colour correction under water
Vacuum pump
Rubber grips (12x small, 12x medium and 12x large)
Spare O-rings (1x Main O-ring and 1x Vacuum Check Port O-ring)
O-ring lubricant
Tool for removing the O-ring
Luxury wristband with clip
Moisture Muncher sample pack (1 capsule)
AAA alkaline batteries (2)
EVA carrying case

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