Sealife is the only manufacturer in the world that for more than 25 years has specialised in developing and manufacturing compact and user-friendly photo and video cameras for divers, snorkellers and water sports enthusiasts. Sealife makes it possible to easily capture beautiful and lasting memories of the underwater world. There is a choice of several different models of cameras with accessories.
The Sealife Sea Dragon underwater light brings colours back to life. Use this combination with your underwater camera and you get the most stunning results. Mount your camera and lamp on the Sealife FlexConnect arm system and you are ready for your underwater adventure.
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Sea Dragon Pro Dual Beam 3000SF

Sea Dragon Pro Dual Beam 3000SF

The new compact Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam dive light and photo-video light in one is the perfect all-round light. With a simple push of a button you can switch from the wide 3000 lumen flood beam of 120° to a narrow 1500 lumen 15° spot beam. Choose from a wide range of...

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Sealife Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens

Sealife Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens

The new Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens for the entire Micro Series and ReefMaster RM-4K underwater cameras increases the camera's angle of view by almost 50% and allows the underwater photographer to get three times closer to the subject for better...

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Sealife SportDiver

Sealife SportDiver

With this SeaLife SportDiver housing you as a diver, snorkeler or swimmer take the most unique underwater photos and videos with your own iPhone! At home in the pool in the backyard, on the beach or at the dive site on the dike. But also at your holiday destination you capture the most beautiful images up to a depth of 40 metres.

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Sea dragon

Lighting is one of the most important components of underwater photography and it is essential to bring out bright colours in underwater photos and videos. Compact and powerful, Sea Dragon lighting makes it easy to add light to your dive and images. And with Flex-Connect trays, grips and arms, you can easily position yourself and the camera for every shot imaginable.

Sea Dragon Lighting is developed and made by SeaLife, but you don't have to own a SeaLife camera to enjoy the power, colour and reliability of Sea Dragon lights - they fit all or most cameras (depending on the light or flash model), including all popular action cameras. The Sea Dragon Flash works with any camera that has a built-in flash.

Product overview

Cameras and housings

For a complete overview of the available Sealife cameras and housings with the corresponding flash, dive & video sets.

Photo and video lamps

The entire range of photo and video lamps, fluoro lamps and matching sets. To capture all your diving moments.

Speed cameras

For a complete overview of the available Sealife Flashes and the corresponding sets.

Diving lamps

The SeaLife dive lights come in different choices ranging from a narrow concentrated beam to a wide beam.


Lenses, lens mounts and lens accessories. Everything you need to add a little more dimension to your photos and videos.

Flex-connect accessories

Base plates, arms, clamps and more supplies to mount your flash on your housing.

Camera accessories

All the accessories you need for your cameras. For example, the battery or a screen protector.

Seadragon accessories

All necessary Sea Dragon accessories. For example batteries, red filter and more.

Other accessories

All other accessories you may need for your camera and Sea Dragon equipment. Think of O-rings, storage bags and more.

Spare parts shop

All Sealife spare parts in one convenient place. Think of o-rings, grease and other accessories.


Meet Sealife users in heart and soul. And see the results they have created using their Sealife flashes and/or housings.


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