Sealife Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens

The new Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens for the entire Micro series and ReefMaster RM-4K underwater cameras increases the camera's angle of view by almost 50% and allows the underwater photographer to get three times closer to the subject for better exposure and composition. The lens design utilises High-quality optics arranged in a 4 element/4 group arrangement that delivers edge-to-edge sharpness. The internal elements are fully multi-coated optical glass. The front of dome lens is hard-coated optical polycarbonate. The lens has an effective focal length of 13.3 mm analogue film equivalent when used with the SeaLife Micro 3.0 and is Waterproof guaranteed up to 60 m.
Dome lens lets you get 3x closer to subject, up to 12.5cm

The lens past all SeaLife Micro series cameras (Micro HD, HD+, Micro 2.0, Micro 3.0) and also works with SeaLife ReefMaster RM-4Kwhich increases the shooting angle of the small camera to a massive 196°. The Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens increases the Micro 3.0 shooting angle with 43% to 143° (on land) and allows the underwater photographer to get almost 3 times closer to the subject, resulting in better and more colourful lighting.


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