Sea Dragon Pro Dual Beam 3000SF

The new compact Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam diving lamp and photo-video lamp in one, is the perfect all-round lamp. With a simple push of a button, you can switch from the brede 3000 lumens flood beam of 120° to a narrow 1500 lumens 15° spot beam.
Choose from a spot beam of 1500 lumens to a wide beam of 3000 lumens

For photography and video, the spotbeam many creative possibilitiessuch as creating a narrowly focused snoot or spotlight effect. The spotlight is super useful as a primary or secondary diving lamp for most types of dives. The narrow beam has a wide effective range, making it ideal for darker diving conditions, for example in the Netherlands or in the tropics to discover hidden marine life. And what's more, when you mount this lamp to your camera set you won't need an extra hand to hold your diving lamp. 

The wide beam of the Pro Dual Beam offers photo/video-friendly colour reproduction.
The Sea Dragon Pro Dual Beam also offers Two 180-lumen 88° red LEDs. Red light does not affect light-sensitive marine animals and does not scare them away. A simple press of the function button switches the light from red to the wide 3000 lumen beam. You'll be ready to capture photos or video in no time.


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